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Emigrant day donation request formPDF279.52 KB17 Feb, 2018 Download
Business event 4PDF625.15 KB23 Nov, 2017 Download
Agreement between WLCU Toronto (Elias Kassab) and WLCU Beirut Government office (Peter Ashkar) under the hospices of Directorate of Emigration.PDF373.68 KB30 May, 2017 Download
WLCU eventPNG2.37 MB08 Mar, 2017 Download
Celebrating the International Day of the Lebanese Emigrant 2017 in  British ColumbiaPDF315.98 KB17 Feb, 2017 Download
The Lebanon Migration Museum at NDU Commemorates the Lebanese who perished on the Titanic August 16, 2012, LERC, NDUPDF237.76 KB08 Feb, 2017 Download
Open letter to H.E. Minister Gibran Bassil, Lebanese Minister of foreign affairs.PDF344.75 KB22 Jan, 2017 Download
HIRH Prince Gharios El Chemor of Ghassan Al-Nu'man VIII endorses Lebanon as land of DialoguePDF225.71 KB28 Dec, 2016 Download
Original invitation in French of the event sponsored by the Lebanese student Federation in Montreal (Tollab) and the Council of British Columbia of the World Lebanese Cultural Union (WLCU)PDF193.25 KB01 Jul, 2016 Download
Affiche train train montrealJPG228.53 KB01 Jul, 2016 Download
NDU Chronicle , issue 27_Spring 2016PDF17.54 MB25 Jun, 2016 Download
CEDAR LEAF JUNEPDF861.28 KB25 Jun, 2016 Download
Khayrallah Center June 2016PDF556.65 KB25 Jun, 2016 Download
UNDESAVOICEJune2016PDF613.78 KB25 Jun, 2016 Download
Lebanese-Canadian House in the emigrant village ,Batroun, LebanonPDF1.21 MB20 Jun, 2016 Download
 Invitation to the Annual Dinner of the World Lebanese Cultural Union in Beirut Lebanon, Wednesday 27 July 2011    PDF362.60 KB19 Jun, 2016 Download
Letter from Dr Nick kahwaji to the WLCU Leaders and members in North America June 12, 2013.PDF316.90 KB19 Jun, 2016 Download
Guiness record-Largest Underwater painting-Lebanon:PDF1.00 MB19 Jun, 2016 Download
Titanic Letter to WLCU BC President from Dr Kahwaji(july 2012)PDF122.19 KB27 Apr, 2016 Download
Titanic answer from BC President (july 2012)PDF113.58 KB27 Apr, 2016 Download
NGO ReporterPDF458.39 KB17 Apr, 2016 Download
DESAVoiceMarch2016PDF2.39 MB17 Apr, 2016 Download
CEDAR LEAF MARCHPDF293.17 KB17 Apr, 2016 Download
Khayrallah Center NewsPDF449.94 KB17 Apr, 2016 Download
e-Chronicle, issue 26_Fall 2015PDF3.36 MB31 Mar, 2016 Download
CEDAR LEAF FEBRUARYPDF912.43 KB31 Mar, 2016 Download
CEDAR LEAF JANUARY PDF907.15 KB31 Mar, 2016 Download
WLCU-BC Council proposals for the AGENDA of the 18th World Congress.PDF52.38 KB29 Mar, 2016 Download
John Badr Letter to RSG of North America.( Sep 2013)PDF116.32 KB29 Mar, 2016 Download
Rental agreement of the " WLCU office in Beirut" at GEMA center Dbaye'PDF875.08 KB29 Mar, 2016 Download
Lebanese Community Request for Help-v4PPTX3.00 MB27 Mar, 2016 Download
The_Lebanese_in_GuadeloupePDF93.63 KB26 Mar, 2016 Download
Nassif Ghoussoub is a professor of mathematics at the University of British Columbia.PDF24.05 KB26 Mar, 2016 Download
How to Re-think and Remake the WLCU in North America, and to be ready to lead the whole Lebanese Diaspora.               By Dr Nick kahwajiPDF316.90 KB25 Mar, 2016 Download
Titanic answer from BC President (july 2012)PDF113.58 KB24 Mar, 2016 Download
Titanic Letter to WLCU BC President from Dr Kahwaji(july 2012)PDF122.19 KB24 Mar, 2016 Download
Official arabic Titanic invitation معرض رسم تخليداً لذكرى لبنانيي التيتانيكPDF391.47 KB24 Mar, 2016 Download
Cabriolet Short Film Festival 2016 at SFUPDF250.04 KB24 Mar, 2016 Download
WLCU letter to UN  Secretary General Ban Ki Moon concerning the Syrian refugees.(March 2016)PDF194.86 KB18 Mar, 2016 Download
Letter from Dr Thomas Kuehn, Director of the Comparative Study of Muslim Societies and Cultures (CCSMSC), concerning the Emigrant Day 2016PDF66.12 KB17 Mar, 2016 Download
أَصدقاء "مركز التراث اللبناني": عن عاشق بيروت شاعر الشعبPDF247.52 KB28 Dec, 2015 Download
Membership drive: A  Chapter’s needed action in 2011, a call from WSG Dr Nick KahwajiPDF261.77 KB24 Dec, 2015 Download
Letter to Nadine Labaki from Antoine Ghanem the chairman of the Culture & Heritage Affairs committee(Oct 2011)PDF295.12 KB24 Dec, 2015 Download
Nadine Labaki (lettre to)PDF295.12 KB24 Dec, 2015 Download
بمزيد الأسف واللوعة نعلمكم بوفاة الرئيس الأسبق للجامعة اللبنانية الثقافية في العالمPDF150.63 KB05 Dec, 2015 Download
CEDAR LEAF NOVEMBER PDF1.09 MB24 Nov, 2015 Download
Khayrallah Center - October NewsletterPDF194.04 KB18 Nov, 2015 Download
e-chronicle, issue 25_Summer 2015PDF1.69 MB18 Nov, 2015 Download
CEDAR LEAF SEPTEMBERPDF937.32 KB18 Nov, 2015 Download
2015-11-16-WP to Mr Stanton-Appointment-Bylaws CommitteePDF64.24 KB17 Nov, 2015 Download