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Lebanese-Canadian Waafa Masri’s Passion for the Law Knows No Boundaries

by WLCU Editor | Mar 25, 2016

Lebanese-Canadian Waafa Masri’s Passion for the Law Knows No Boundaries

B C Notary Wafaa Masri was born in Lebanon— once dubbed the Paris of the Middle East. Lebanon is a meeting place of all cultures, civilizations, and religions, with beautiful weather, much like British Columbia . . . with a slight difference—it doesn’t rain as much in Lebanon.

Wafaa grew up in Beirut, the capital, attending private French school, a popular choice for many families in her community. As a child and student, Wafaa was very much influenced by her home environment and family. Her grandfather was an influential man in the community and her father was a police officer. Their home was always open to anyone who needed help or advice or to people simply in the mood to hear a good story.
Her grandfather was a great storyteller. Having an open door in her home growing up made her career as Notary feel like home.
Wafaa always wanted to be a lawyer, a judge, and eventually a law professor, teaching international law. She attended Law School at the Lebanese University and enjoyed every aspect of law.
She graduated in 1984 and practised civil and family law. In 1986 she went to the United States with her husband, where she came to learn and study the common law system. The legal system in Lebanon is based on the French civil system.
She took second- and third-year courses at the College of Law, University of Arizona, and did a year of internship at the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, where she wrote an Attorney General Opinion in the area of expropriation of land.
 Becoming a Notary was a natural progression of her legal career, mostly because of her personality and the nature of the work a Notary does.
 Wafaa likes helping people and serving the community. It gives her great satisfaction to know she is part of some of the biggest decisions of her clients’ lives. Wafaa speaks Arabic, French, and English. “I truly cherish the trust and confidence my clients bestow upon me,” she says, “Seeing many familiar faces through the years has given me a true understanding that I have my clients for life.”
Her practice is located in Vancouver where she has settled into a very promising location. She works closely with the Real Estate Board in their fundraising efforts for BC Children’s Hospital, especially the Realtors Care Endowment Funds for Oncology and Genetics. “It is very important to me to give back to the community that has supported me.” “I enjoy my work and tend to spend a lot of time in my office, surrounded by my great employees and my children who help in the office whenever needed.
My husband Kas has been my main support in my career. He is always around to lend a helping hand when needed. He is there when I come home to relax at the end of the day. Wafaa adds, “I have enjoyed watching my children turn into outstanding young adults, focusing on education and making a difference in this world.”

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