Phoenician International Research Center Inc. (PIRC)

Our mission is to promote Phoenician studies and preserve this culture and history.

This is the homepage of the Phoenician International Research Center Inc. (PIRC) on the World Lebanese Cultural Union-British Columbia council website ( The PIRC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, meaning it is a tax-exempt, charitable organization; it aims to promote science, education and peace through a study of the ancient world, and more particularly the Canaanite Phoenicians and Punic people's contribution to today's civilization.

We are a group of international scholars, researchers and professionals who work to uncover, promote the study of, and disseminate information on our ancestors to the modern world, and to help fund archaeologists, scientists and researchers on the subject through tax deductible donations. 

The work of PIRC is published and branded by the trademark of the center.

Phoenician altar


Phoenician altar
Phoenician Genetic Identifier
Dr. Habib Chamoun-Nicolás, President of PIRC

Over the past 22 years, Dr. Chamoun - Nicolas has been conducting negotiation and business development activities in diversified sectors, industrial, commercial, institutional, for the sales and marketing of services and products. Among the companies he worked for are ELF Aquitaine, ICA Fluor Daniel, Brown and Root, Elf Aquitaine.  Dr. Chamoun has trained thousands business professionals on a Business Development Approach on sales and negotiation and has conducted research on How Mexicans Negotiate.

Dr. Chamoun-Nicolas graduated from University of Texas at Austin and the Monterrey Institute of Technology and has participated in several special executive programs, such as the Program on Negotiation at Harvard University and the Brazilian Seminar at the International School of Business at the University of South Carolina.  Dr. Chamoun has also been an invited guest speaker and instructor at several universities: Thunderbird School of International Business in the GLOBAL MBA program, MBOC at the University of Texas, PANAM, University of Texas Dallas Cohort MBA program, and the University of Houston on Negotiation and Business development related topics. 

Dr Chamoun has participated as a professor at the Virtual University of the Monterrey Institute of Technology in Mexico.  The Autonomous University of Honduras, Business International School of San Pedro Sula and Catholic University of Guayaquil Ecuador are among the Central and Latin America Universities were he has taught negotiation.  He is the author of many articles on negotiation and the books: "Desarrollo de Negocios", in its 3rd edition and "Trato Hecho-Guía para una Negociación sin Fallas" 2nd edition and Deal 3rd edition.  Negotiate Like a Phoenician, 2008.