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Cultural diversity is an anthropological question.

by User Not Found | Jun 17, 2014

Cultural diversity is an anthropological question.

 Every day, a new debate on cultural pluralism rekindles the various companies on the planet. Whether the issue of refugees , Palestinians yesterday , today Syrians in Lebanon, the Roma in France , massive naturalization yesterday in Lebanon , now in France , the fate of Eastern Christians , the stigmatization of Muslims in the West, the struggle between Hindus and Muslims in India , persecution of Christians in Pakistan , the rise of Islamism in Turkey, the jihadists in Muslim , Arab and African movements ... We are confronted daily with the same inescapable problem at the heart of today's world of globalization. This compelling issue haunts us and anxiety to the point where we feel the edge of civil war or a new world war , and we 're trying to find her answers through a policy approach that can exacerbate conflict ( ideological vision) or even metaphysical philosophical approach that denies or soothes momentarily ( idealistic and humanistic ) . This is the distance that there is between the speech of the man of action or policy maker , which mobilizes its troops, and the man's reflection or meditation, which observes and avoids confrontation or delay indefinitely in the name of an abstract ideal . Humanism is sometimes manipulated for demagogic purposes and policies to address the rise of nationalism . I think it would streamline the question of identity (national, or transnational infra ) through an anthropological approach, which - beyond its contents (the moral judgment or risk essentialisation ) - tries to put under the debate in a neutral and objective. While it is very difficult for such a emotional issue to approach without bias and without passion. It also seems completely illusory to imagine a humanity without conflict. This is the price to pay for the freedom of man and his free will , which led him to transcend sometimes and other times to transgress its own limits , sometimes to build and produce progress and other times , destroy , including self-destruct itself . It is therefore developed to enact legal rules for all religions and philosophies , we have already provided. It is to have a rational approach , which perhaps does not solve conflicts but prevents their idealization , preventing emotional and passionate drift and delivering a framework for debate . Mortal man is condemned to be an absolute relative. Identifying the objective parameters that structure since Herodotus collective identities (race, language, religion and customs ) , they are returned in an anthropological framework and learn to compensate and to relativize . It also identifies the tolerance of a company in relation to a culture that is foreign to him , or it can not absorb the risk of losing its cohesion and its own values. We must take the brilliant and visionary though hidden and controversial Claude Lévi- Strauss "Race and Culture " (1971 - Unesco) text which speaks even a biological threshold cultures. This is almost the only universally recognized anthropologist who did not want to give a utopian humanism.

 Until we have one day a universal society " of human rights without distinction of race, sex, language or religion" (Article 1 of the Charter of UNESCO) , we have to build ourselves through our specific identity parameters . Recognize this is no cause for the temptation of a domination of one culture over another, but to preserve the space of self- recognition of each culture and to build a viable space negotiation between cultures .

  Bahjat Rizk              October 8, 2013

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